The Noosa Shire is in the internationally recognised “Forests of East Australia” biodiversity hot spot within the National “Red hot list of Australia’s most imperiled plants”. The Noosa Hinterland is well documented in scientific literature for its important biodiversity. Several species that make our local area unique are threatened due to historic land clearing and ongoing threats including climate change, urban development, and the spread of invasive species such as Cats Claw Creeper Vine.

This project aims to support the recovery of 13 threatened plant species in the Noosa Shire. These species are endemic to the area or have been identified as isolated populations that are likely to be disconnected from other populations and are vulnerable to climate change.

Areas expected to contain threatened species are surveyed to assess potential threats and to map the plant populations. Noosa Landcare has collected seed and cutting material, develop propagation methods and establish insurance populations in refugia for the threatened species. These insurance populations will be safeguarded against invasive species and other disturbance that may affect wild populations, and in some cases may provide a linkage for theow of genetic material between isolated plants.

Insurance plantings at the Rural Futures Centre will provide on-going propagation material for Noosa Landcare, which may be used in future restoration projects.

Target species

Bacon Wood

Archidendron lovelliae

Photo by dustaway via Flickr

Jointed Baloghia

Baloghia marmorata

Ball Nut/Possum Nut

Floydia praealta

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Deep Creek Fontainea

Fontainea rostrata

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Small-fruited Queensland Nut

Macadamia ternifolia

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Photo by plant.nerd via Flickr

Toothed Kamala

Mallotus megadontus

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Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine

Pararistolochia praevenosa

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Shade Lilly

Romnalda strobilacea

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Hairy Hazelwood

Symplocos harroldii

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Red Lillypilly

Syzygium hodgkinsoniae

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Southern Penda

Xanthostemon oppositifolius

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Photo by Coolum Native Nursery

Emu Mountain Sheoak

Allocasuarina emuina

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Keys Boronia

Boronia keysii

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How you can get involved

  • Plant an endangered species in your garden. Noosa Landcare propagates and sells Keys Boronia (Boronia keysii) and the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa). You can purchase these plants from our Hinter Hub store based in Pomona. Visit our Nursery page for more information.
  • Have you found a threatened species on your property or local bushland area in the Noosa Shire? Report a sighting here.