Roving Restorers is a passionate volunteer weeding and tree planting group that meets fortnightly to support local landholders with positive conservation projects on their property. This initiative is in partnership with Hinterland Bush Links and is supported by Noosa Council.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our community to support one another and gain valuable skills and knowledge in revegetation, weed management, plant identification and more.

No prior experience is required, volunteers receive on-site training from Noosa Landcare staff and all tools are provided.

If you are interested in volunteering with Roving Restorers, join our next working bee. Visit our events page for more information on working bee dates.

If you are a landholder and would like to find out if you could join our Roving Restorer schedule, we would also love to hear from you.

Contact Project Officer Tamara Kubica –

We learnt some really crucial stuff from the Roving Restorers about weed management on our property. Plus they were a really fun and relaxed group of people so it was a pleasure having them over and working together. This is a really great program for the community and for the local environment. 

Tim and Stephen, Cootharaba
I must say how much I enjoy the hours I spend with you and your group of Roving Restorers. When I wander around my land searching for lantana and weeds, life is boring.. With you and your team of devoted workers the work is fun. The work gets done with enjoyment.  I also gain so much knowledge just from the group members around me. If I ask a question somebody near me has the answer, with usually more information. This gives me the enthusiasm to work and plant more native plants on my land. I also gain knowledge in the techniques to control pests. Life is a continual learning experience.

Thank you Tamara for your professional assistance.

Rob , Cooroy

a very big thank you to all of you who turned up this morning at Kin Kin. Our small Bushcare group really appreciate the help so willingly given and the difference you make, to our job of managing our peaceful green piece of Bushland. 

And a huge thank to Tamara for the pleasure of working with you, over a long period of time. We keep turning up because it is so good to be part of your group!

What a gift it was to have the Roving Restorers come to Still Waters Sanctuary today! Tamara with a group of dedicated, knowledgeable and speedy volunteers tackled the weeds (too many to list) and got a whole big area done. Even a big Camphor Laurel tree was taken care of, so no more seeds can spread. In that whole area the native flora can now rehabilitate and flourish again, where the Wildlife can be in it’s natural, native habitat. Truly remarkable what was accomplished in the time they were here.

As a landowner it was a delight to deal with Tamara from first contact. The way she organised everything was flawless and super professional. On the day she was the best guide, kept everyone safe and made sure we were well looked after (as it was close to 30 degrees with high level of humidity). We loved that as an added bonus we got some education on the side with Tamara sharing her extensive plant knowledge, what to look out for, what to do for the different plants to protect and obviously also how to tackle even the more hidden weeds. She is such an inspiration for us to keep going with the restoration and conservation. 

This program is a God sent and we are so very grateful it exists. It makes the world of a difference to us to have this kind of support, hopefully we get to receive it again.

We can’t thank the volunteers enough who sweated and laboured in their wholehearted dedication to make Australia a native Australia again. Thank you so very, very much for all your work and love you share.

Sonja, Como

We can’t tell you how grateful we are to Tamara and her team of volunteers with the Roving Restorer program. It can be quite overwhelming to be responsible for 26 acres of 90% regenerating native forest, especially when we genuinely feel like stewards of this special land. We constantly feel like we’re letting down the forest as we just can’t stay on top of it all on our own. Then it can feel too overwhelming to know where to start. So we were overjoyed when we found out about the Roving Restorers. Many hands really do make light work and even just a few hours made a huge difference in the area we decided to tackle. It also motivated us to just keep chipping away on our own and not to stress. Thanks again and we look forward to next time! Great workers, great knowledge and great company!

Casey and Jodie

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