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Noosa Landcare Testimonials

Noosa & District Landcare is a dynamic and proactive organisation committed to achieving long term environmental outcomes.

Jamie Bell – Property Owner – Gold Member

“Your visit was incredibly helpful and actually inspiring. You can be sure I will be nurturing the natives that I now have a chance of recognising, and attacking the weeds. After you left it was a bonus to open the membership package you brought, full of useful things especially the Mangroves to Mountains book. Due mainly to your visit I think I have already done very well from my gold membership even before I stock up on more discounted tube stock from the Pomona nursery.”

Chris Ewing – Senior Consultant CO2 Australia

“Noosa and District Landcare Group is working with CO2 Australia to deliver a project in the lower Kin Kin Creek catchment involving planting of 300,000 trees. NDLG has done an outstanding job of ensuring high quality, locally sourced tree stock is planted within specification to meet stringent survival targets all within very short periods. CO2 Australia looks forward to continuing to work closely with NDLG on future equally successful projects.”

Mark Haas and Carol Dunstan

Property owners (custodians) – Small acre farmers
“I have been fortunate to have had the Noosa and District Landcare Group provide environmental activities on my 30 acre property east of Gympie.
The work undertaken was revegetation of a riparian zone along my Tinana creek frontage and enrichment plantings for koala habitat on boundaries linking wildlife corridors.
Over the duration of the activities all participants were friendly and enthusiastic. They showed respect for the land and the people who currently have custodianship of that land (ie me).
The successful strike rate of new plantings was very high and I was always kept well informed during phases of the projects.
My 30 acres is now well on its way to being a self- sustaining contributor to the environmental health and well-being of the creek and the flora and fauna that are being attracted to it.”

Ian Last – Science Manager, HQ Plantations Pty Ltd

“HQPlantations, Queensland’s largest plantation forestry company, is currently implementing several riparian revegetation projects along Tinana Creek and its tributaries. Collectively, the projects cover over 35 hectares, requiring over 35,000 seedlings.
The friendly, professional team at Noosa and District Landcare have been a great help to HQPlantations, providing many excellent quality seedlings throughout the year across a wide range of local species and provenances. Their experienced field crews provided vital support during the peak season including pre-plant spray work and planting, helping us to hit our targets on time.
I recently visited several of the sites and am pleased to report that over 95% of the seedlings have survived and are thriving.”

Bruce and Jeannette Glasby

“As Farmers we have been working towards having our cattle off our creeks. With Noosa Landscare`s help we have been
able to achieve that goal with fencing most of our creek and planting riparian zone with trees. Landcare has been so organised
and professional with their planning and working with us as we work our property. They took care of everything and are most
helpful and friendly. We could not have achieved this without them. We highly recommend their work.”

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