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Water Supply Catchment Protection Program – Lake Macdonald

Water Supply Catchment Protection Program – Lake Macdonald

Looking after the health of the land and waterways surrounding our dams is critical to a safe water supply and providing water for life.

Seqwater and Noosa and District Landcare have partnered under the Lake Macdonald Water Supply Catchment Protection Program to prioritise activities to better protect the quality of water in the Lake Macdonald catchment.

The program brings landholders and local experts together to share knowledge and find ways to prevent sediment, nutrients and pathogens, such as livestock faeces from entering the lake. It is also an opportunity for landholders to improve the productivity and health of their properties.

About Lake Macdonald

Lake Macdonald is in the Noosa hinterland, four kilometres north-east of Cooroy, and is an important drinking water source in the South East Queensland Water Grid. The catchment is about the size of 9,000 football fields (49km2) and is connected to a series of tributaries flowing through a mosaic of agricultural, residential and park land uses. The lake is also popular for recreational activities such as rowing and fishing.

Program activities

The Water Supply Catchment Protection Program gives landholders the opportunity to learn more about catchment management, share local knowledge and receive financial assistance and support to implement water quality improvement strategies on their properties. This may include, but is not limited to:

Waterway management

  • Waterway fencing
  • Off-stream water sources (e.g. troughs and tanks) for livestock
  • Waterway revegetation.

Erosion management

  • Revegetation,
  • Erosion repair

Targeted weed control

Livestock Management

  • Grazing and pasture management advice and field days


Lake Macdonald Program Flyer
Pathogens in our waterway – Fact Sheet
Benefits of waterway vegetation to water quality – Fact Sheet
Land for Wildlife – Managing Horses on your property – Fact Sheet
Land for Wildlife – Riparian Management and Restoration- Fact Sheet
Sustainable Land Management- Fact Sheet

Program Partners

NDLG Partners

On-site Sewage systems

Out-dated, broken and unmaintained on-site sewage systems can pose a serious risk to human health and the environment by the contamination of fecal matter into local surface and groundwater.

It is important to understand the maintenance and servicing requirements for your septic system to minimise the risk of surface and groundwater contamination.

Check out the Noosa Council’s website and their On-Site Waste Water Facilities Guideline for more information. For local septic systems service providers click here.

For more information about the project or see how you can get involved please contact:
Ilana Kelly
Project Officer
Ph: (07) 5485 2155

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