Oct / Nov 2017 E-news

Welcome to our October – November 2017 E-news

Please note: The online version has a minor update from the email that was sent to recipients on 04th October. The line ‘Tom and young, willing volunteer covering Rocky’s eyes’ has been removed. Thank you to all those who notified us regarding the gremlin.

North Queensland research trip a major success!

by Ilana Kelly, Projects Assistant

In early 2017, Noosa Landcare ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign to gather funds to further the research and survey efforts for the critically endangered Coxen’s Fig Parrot. Part of the funds raised was to enable a research trip to North Queensland to record the calls of the closest relative of the parrot, to enable the development of auto-recognition digital software which will allow us to analyse bioacoustic call recordings. Ilana Kelly from Noosa Landcare accompanied researchers on the trip and shares with us the following report …

Last week I embarked on a research expedition to North Queensland to assist the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s (EHP) Senior Conservation Officer Dr Ian Gynther, biologist Ted Pedersen and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Allison Beutel to record the call repertoire and behaviours of the Macleay’s fig parrot, the sister species of the Coxen’s fig parrot…

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