June 2018 E-news

Welcome to our June 2018 – July 2018 E-news

Volunteering – what a way to make a difference

by Ered Fox, Nursery Manager

Volunteering … what a way to make a difference in our community. Bringing strangers together with a common interest. Sharing knowledge, companionship and working towards a productive outcome for all to enjoy.

At Noosa Landcare we are very lucky to have a varied group of intelligent volunteers who offer a wide skill base and help to create a welcome and inclusive environment, where the outcome is greater than all of its individual parts. A rewarding part of working at an environmental organisation like ours is getting to see how people interact and use their skills for the common good of our environment. Currently at Noosa Landcare we have approximately 18 Volunteers who contribute in our Nursery and grounds. We also have a team of up to 26 Waterwatch volunteers who contribute to the local community by checking and recording the water quality of 40 sites in our catchment area…

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