Aug / Sept 2017 E-news

Welcome to our August – September 2017 E-news

Kin Kin carbon offset planting and the pepperazzi

by Jayne Christiansen, Skilling Queenslanders for Work participant

In mid-July a significant event in Kin Kin attracted local media crew to capture Noosa and District Landcare employees in action, planting trees for a carbon offset project funded by Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas (Peppers). This project was important in rehabilitating a fragile rainforest remnant ecosystem in Kin Kin. With the help of Peppers and Noosa Landcare, this has been able to be achieved.

Noosa Landcare’s very own Phil Moran and Steve McPharlin from Peppers collaborated to generate a carbon balance of seven trees per tonne of carbon dioxide produced. The planting of 2,200 trees has worked out to be 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere. This step has had many positive outcomes for all involved.

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