Apr / May 2017 E-news

Welcome to our April – May 2017 E-news

Assessing the Biopassage of the Noosa Catchment

by Ilana Kelly, Projects Assistant

Following similar work done in the Burnett-Mary Region and Great Sandy Strait, Noosa and District Landcare, along with Noosa Council, is excited to announce their Biopassage project for the Noosa River Catchment. This project seeks to assess the potential impact of man-made structures within Noosa’s waterways (eg, causeways, culverts and bridges) on the upstream and downstream movement of fish and other aquatic organisms, such as platypus, water rats, turtles and crustaceans…

You can download the information detailed in the Noosa & District Landcare April / May 2017 Newsletter List as a printable PDF for future reference.

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