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Noosa & District Landcare – Video

For your convenience you can view the latest Noosa & District Landcare videos on our website by clicking on any of the videos below.

Noosa Landcare’s Green Army participants

Noosa Landcare’s Green Army participants – James and Courtney are film stars!! along with a few other co-stars who make an appearance – this clip is on the Environment Australia website as a feature in the Green Army section.

Our integrated training and education program is the most important aspect of the services provided by Noosa & District Landcare Group.

This Program enables us to disperse information and positively influence the broader community. In turn, this supports the application of educated choices when implementing sustainable conservation practices within the natural environment.

17 Years

For an inspiring montage of work performed on a property over 17 years, this is a ‘must watch’ video. Produced by Robin Yates, a long term member of Noosa Landcare, this is a real treat. Be sure to have the sound on!

Noosa and District Landcare – 21 years in the making…

Our History

This beautifully filmed video featuring NRM Manager Phillip Moran, details the history behind Noosa & District Landcare.

Totally Wild – Noosa Biosphere Story

What is a Biosphere?

The Totally Wild show on Channel 10 recently featured an informative article about the Noosa Biosphere.

General Manager of Noosa & District Landcare, Phillip Moran, explains the key principles of a recognised Biosphere.

Channel 7 Local News Story about Noosa & District Landcare

Local Legend Phil Moran

Channel 7 local news recently ran a story explaining how local, Phillip Moran, crafted a full time role at Noosa & District Landcare which has since resulted in numerous awards and an ever growing local workforce.

Glossy Black-Cockatoos Feeding at Seaview Creek, Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach Cockatoos

See how many Glossy Black-Cockatoo’s you can spot feeding on an Allocasuarina Littoralis tree at Seaview Creek, Sunshine Beach, QLD

Noosa & District Landcare – The Blog

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